Saturday, December 13th


Conference Room of SCCC, 12h
Round Table: Memory

Hall B 14:30
AFC 50 Years, a retrospective

Hall B 17h
Videography of the Region: Greek video art,
Curator: Stefanos Tsivopoulos

Hall A, 20h

Competition 4

David Yun: The Pain with Being Thirsty,USA (06:22)
Milica Mijačević – Carević: Memory Lost, Serbia (04:52)
David Zaripov, PNK-group: I Wish I Could Get Into Head Like A Goat, Russia (10:28)
Nima Zusetu: A4, Sweden (02:09)
Marina Radmilac: Dobro jutro, Serbia (17:00)
Shon Kim: Latent Sorrow, USA/South Korea (03:31)
Melanie Riesle: Admirations, Germany (07:30)
Simon Rittmeier: A Taste of Honey, Germany/Cuba (10:05)


Muriel Montini: The World is Vast, France (09:06)
Astrid Rieger: Mammal, Germany (07:25)
Chto Delat: Three Mothers, Russia (35:00)

Club Alt08
Media Archaeology: Sonja Savić Hommage











Special programs

Soundscapes of Memory

Videoography of the Region: Greek Video