Alternative film video festival 2011 plakat ALTERNATIVE FILM/VIDEO FESTIVAL 2011

Festival of New Film and Video
7th till 11th December 2011

List of Important Cinematic Works of the Festival

The Festival Jury Members, comprised of Jean Gabriel Periot (France), Jurij Meden (Slovenia), and Stevan Vuković (Serbia), have included the following films onto the List of Important Cinematic Works of the Festival (cited in alphabetical order):

360°, by Nadine Poulain, Germany
Kinetosis, by Allan Brown, Canada
Pain So Light It Appears as Tickle, Dalibor Barić, Croatia
Ray Ban Meltdown, Mane Žuđelović, Serbia

The jury believes that these works truly understand the vast or perhaps even limitless potentials of experimental cinema and are not afraid to explore these liberating potentials.

The Ivan Kaljević Prize

In a memory of the early departed author of avant-garde and alternative films Ivan Kaljevic:

The special award Ivan Kaljević goes to the festival itself, for creating a very special festival atmosphere, a mixture of playful gatherings and serious exchanges, and for the truly outstanding retrospective and historical programs. Thank you!


Jury members:

Jean Gabriel Periot
Jurij Meden
Stevan Vuković