Alternative Film/Video Festival 2005 CALL FOR ENTRIES

Call for entries for Festival of new film and video ALTERNATIVE FILM/VIDEO 2005 has been announced. Festival will take place from December 7. to 11. 2005. Films and videos can be applied until October 25. 2005. to:

Academic Film Center
“Students’s City” Cultural center
Bul. AVNOJ-a 179
11070 Novi Beograd
Serbia and Montenegro

Send the works with filled printed application form. All authors from ex-Yugoslav region have right to participate. Selection comitee will decide which films will be in competition program, and which in informative program. The jury will decide which films and videos are on the List of special achievments which awards the authors the right to realize next film or video in Academic Film Center production, as guests (full accomodation) of AFC during one month that year and places their awarded works in the selection ALTERNATIVE FILM/VIDEO 2005 published as a DVD non-comercial ALTERNATIVE publication.

Performances and video installations can also be applied for the Festival, and they will take place in SCCC galleries or other adequate Festival spaces.

Following programs: Networks

Last year festival edition – ALTERNATIVE FILM/VIDEO 04 – gave an insight to the festival activity in the region, and this year ALTERNATIVE FILM/VIDEO 2005 will be dedicated to currently operating and upcoming networks, connections and centers, which accelerate the communication and exchange, but also indicate a new comprehension, definition, packing, production and the role of the film, video and visual creativity in general. So, in the following programs of ALTERNATIVE FILM/VIDEO 2005 the emphasis will be on the mapping of the infrastructure of the region, its spreading and improving possibilities. Organizing such network opens a potential in the region for development of independent production and its ditribution. Referent frame will be provided by presenting relevant examples from Europe and the world.