Alternative Film/Video Festival 2007 Program

Academic Film Center

“Student City” Cultural Center (SCCC)

5-9 December 2007

Alternative Film/Video 2007

International for the second time, Festival of new film and video ALTERNATIVE FILM/VIDEO 2007 organized by Academic Film Center, will take place in Students’ City Cultural Center.

We are grateful to our friends, colleagues and film and video authors from all over the world for such a great response! Out of more than 360 film and video works applied, we will see 68 works in the competitive program. The Jury will select the List of significant achievements, which will be screened the last day. In revial programs we will see authors’ presentations of our guests, various film and video selections, and a reminder of the trends from the first issue of this festival ALTERNATIVE 1982. The theme of the Round table this year will be Associations, and we will try to present and examine different models of collective work, associations and platforms in the field of flm and video production.

Thanks to:

Ministry of culture of Republic of Serbia

Secretariat for Culture of Belgrade Municipality

Royal Embassy of Netherlands

ITV Panasonic

Festival director: Miodrag Milošević

Festival program editor: Aleksandra Sekulić

Selection Committee of the competitive program: Danijela Purešević, Jana Stefanova, Athanasia Panagea, Miodrag Milošević

Selection of the works for the Associations exhibition: Jelena Spaić, Aleksandra Sekulić

Coordinators: Athanasia Panagea, Ivica Đorđević, Marko Cvetković

Festival Jury: Slobodan Šijan (Belgrade), Tim Shore (London), Ingrid Skovgaard (Copenhagen)

Design of printed material and video clip of the Festival: Lazar Bodroža

Technical realisation: „Students’ City“ Cultural Center

Timetable of Events

Wedenesday 5th December

Small Gallery SCCC

19h: Exhibition Opening

Jamesdin: Tunnel of Love

Big Gallery A

19:30h Exhibition Opening


Hall A

20h Openning of the Festival

Special program: Crni Tomaž Pavković: Alternative film: 3:58

20:30h Competitive Programme 1

Galina Myznikova/Sergey Povorov: Slippery Mountain, Russia, experimental, 06:06

Kosmoplovci: Novi, Serbia, demo, 07:13

Masha Godovinaya: Untitled No1, Russia, experimental/documentary/music video, 04:00

Tine Beyer: Model Consumer, Denmark, video art, 02:00

AV: Dubus, Russia, experimental/video art/music video, 04:09

Ana Radojčić: Kan kan, Serbia, experimental, 04:33

Christian Zagler: Salome in Low Land, Austria, animation, 10:30

Break 10 minutes

Arantzazu Gomez – Bayon: The quiet man, Spain, fiction, 15:00

Maja Đokić: In the Woods, Spain, fiction, 07:30

John Canciani: Tokyo Rock ’n’ Roll, Switzerland, experimental/documentary 04:30

Roberto Santaguida: Miraslava, Canada, experimental/documentary 07:30

Jihyun Ahn: Their Circumstances, USA, animation 10:06

Miloš Tomić: Spitted by Kiss, Czech Republic, animation, 11:12

Night Projection

Martine Rousset: Istanbul, France, experimental/documentary 100:00

Club Alt07


Thursday 6th December


16h: Videography of the Region: Kino klub Split – introduction: Igor Lušić

18h: Ingrid Skovgaard: Author’s selection

Hall A

20.30h: Competitive Programme 2

Jakob Ballinger: Rocketman, Austria, experimental/fiction, 16:35

Mahmood Soliman: Red and Blue, Egypt, short /iction, 12:20

Bettina Furstenberg: Turning Point, Denmark, art/documentary, 09:13)

Isidora Ilić: Code, UK/Serbia, video art, 05:22

Peter Snowdon: Two Thousand Walls (a song for Jayyous), UK / Belgium, experimental/documentary, 06:23

Claudia Nunes: Rhapsody of the Absursd, Brazil, experimental/documentary, 15:00

Break 10 minutes

Hiljaa Maessa: Slow Down, Finland, documentary, 10:52

Blake Carrington :Sky and Wires: At Home and Homeless, USA, video/art, 09:30

Aleksandar Muharemović: Fabrique en Tunisie-1250000 words, Croatia, experimental, 01:03

Jean Gabriele Periot: 200 000 phantoms, France, documentary/animated, 11:00

Nenad Ćosić: My City, Serbia, documentary, 04:13

Christos Massalas: Landscape of the Last Encounter, Greece, experimental/fiction, 14:21

Nikola Ležajić: Boxers Are Going to Heaven, Serbia, fiction, 15:37

Night Projection

Magnus Bartas: Kumiko Johnnie Walker & the Cute, Sweden, experimental/video art, 50:00

Club Alt07

23h Saša Marković Ganeša & Mićun Ristić : Black Market Special Kant, Hegel, Fichte, Schlegel – German rock

Friday 7th December

Hall B

16h: Eva Koch: author’s selection

18h: Slobodan Šijan: author’s selection

Hall A

21h: Competitive Programme 3

Kosmoplovci: Quad, Serbia, demo, 01:45

David Wilson: A Kiss in a Shadow, USA, video/art, 01:48

Kosmoplovci: Kat, Serbia, demo, 05:48

Tomaz  Lapajne: My life, Slovenia, experimental,  00:35

Jeff Winch: Still Light, Canada, experimental, 04:28

Tim Howle/Nick Cope : In Eclipse, UK, experimental, 06:00

Florian Sonntag: Capture, Germany, experimental, 08:10

Birkbeck and Duffy: Untitled Coin Operation, UK, experimental/video art, 03:30

Zorica Tomanović / Tijana Dedeić: 25-1, Montenegro, video art, 03:23

Damir Čučić: Little Death, Croatia, experimental 07:20

Lucy Elliot: Grandma and the Monster, UK, experimental fiction, 11:45

Frederick Solberg: Back with the Nerds, Denmark, experimental/music video, 03:00

Break 10 minutes

Stefan Sidovski: In Continuo, FYR Macedonia, documentary 05:00

Rodrigo Pardo: Uwa Toma Argentina, experimental 06:00

Nikola Pavlović: Enlightement, Serbia, animation, 06:38

Chema Garcia Ibarra: Inverse Flashback, Spain, music video 02:36

Filip Đorđević: City War, Montenegro, animation, 02:00

Miodrag Manojlović: Ordinary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, animation, 02:07

Ivan Zupanc: Johnny u crno belim talasima, Serbia, experimental /documentary, 07:55

Ahmet Tas: Apple & Ei, Germany, documentary, 06:00

Dan Gitsham: How To Pick Up Girls, England, fiction, 03:52

Bogdan Pavlović/Ivan Pandorov : Pastoral Love Affair, Slovenia, fiction, 01:00

Aitor Acheverria: Aprop, Spain, video art, 06:20

Sandra Isacsson: Girls Inferno, experimental/video art, Sweden, 07:30

Night Projection

Masha Godovinaya: Another Place and Yet the Same, Russia, experimental/documentary, 35:00

Free Cinema Seven: Operations, UK/Serbia, experimental, 37:00

Club ALT07

23h Jovan Bačkulja i Boško Prostran: Media archeology

Saturday 8th December

Conference Hall SCCC

12h-14h Roundtable „Associations“

Moderator: Aleksandra Sekulić

Participants: Kino klub Split (Igor Lušić and Sunčica Fradelić), Free Cinema Seven, London (Matthew Noel-Todd), Protok, Banja Luka (Nenad Malešević), Lokomotiva, Skopje (Biljana Tanurovska and Violeta Kačakova), Prelom kolektiv, Beograd (Dušan Grlja), Label Ombres, Paris (Sebastien Cros), Athanasia Panagea, and other guests.

Hall B

16h Screening: „Video Waves from Denmark“, introduction by Ingrid Skovgaard

18h: Tim Shore in conversation with Gary Thomas: author’s selection

Hall A

20.30h: Competitive Programme 4

Maria Pia Cinelli: Finally Saturday, Fiction experimental, Italy 09:30

Ana Radojcic: Salt, Serbia, 06:40

Marianne Holm Hansen: A Circular Walk (an alternative guide), UK, 03:47

Felix Steinz: Ladenhuter, Germany, fiction, 15:00

Justin Kelly: Debris, USA, experimental, 07:50

Mette Hansen: Twosome, Sweden, animation 04:00

Galina Myznikova/Sergey Povorov: Wet Chicken, Russia, experimental/video Art, 03:50

Break 10 minutes

Jeremić/Iskra Bela: , Germany, experimental, 08:26

Masha Godovinaya: Gnawed Vanity, Russia, experimental/video Art, 08:00

Karen Hanson: An Even Briefer History of Time, Canada, experimental, 02:00

Joakim Forsgren: The Future Is Ours! Sweden, video art, 01:40

Fernando Pinheiro: Chap XV: 12, Brazil, documentary, 12:58

Galina Myznikova/Sergey Povorov: Alternative Play Station, Russia, experimental/video art, 12:05

Dariusz Kowalski: Elements, Austria, animation,08:00

23h: Special program

Antonio G. Lauer (a.k.a. Tomislav Gotovac):

Salt Peanuts – Hot Klab of Frans, 60:00, AFC, 2007.

Sunday, 9th December

Conference Hall SCCC

12h-14h Roundtable: Open discussion about films/videos in competition

Moderator: Danijela Purešević

Participants: the jury of the Festival: Slobodan Šijan, Ingrid Skovgaard, Tim Shore; Ron Sluik (member of the jury of ALTERNATIVE FILM/VIDEO 2005), Sebasten Cros (member of the jury of ALTERNATIVE FILM/VIDEO 2006), Athanasia Pangea, Miodrag Milošević, Gary Thomas, Igor Lušić, Sunčica Fradelić and guests – film authors.

Hall B

16h: Films and videos by Jesper Jost

18h: Look back: Alternative 1982 – awarded works

Hall A

20.30h: Announcing the awards and screening of awarded films

Closing Party: Kosmoplovci performance

Special programs and guests

Slobodan Šijan

Born in Belgrade, 16 November 1946.  After graduating painting in the Art Academy, he graduated film direction at the Faculty of Drama in Belgrade. In the period of 1965-80, he is active in visual art: first close to the Mediala group, then involved with his work in New art practice of 1970’s. As a director, he was dealing with experimental film, TV films and feature films. He was awarded a few of international awards, among them Special award at the Montreal festival and “George Sadul” award for the best film screened in France 1981. Who is singing there (1980), The Marathon Family (1982), How I was sitematically destroyed by an idiot (1983), Strangler versus strangler(1984), The secret of monastery brandy(1988). He is a proffessor of film directing on Faculty of Drama and BK University in Belgrade..

Tim Shore

Tim Shore graduated in animation from the Royal College of Art, London in 2002. Keepsake (2004), about the drowning of the Elan Valley, was commissioned by Channel 4 Wales. His most recent film, Cabinet (2006) was awarded Second Prize Prize at transmediale.07, Berlin, and other screenings include Rotterdam, Impakt Festival, Centraal Museum, Utrecht; New York Video Festival, Lincoln Center; Courtisane, Ghent; Media City, Windsor, Ontario; Alternative Festival, Belgrade. Tim is Head of Animation at the London College of Communication, University of Arts, London.

Screening program: Tim Shore in conversation with Gary Thomas

Keepsake (4’34’’, 2003)

Cabinet (18’20’’, 2006)

Burlesque (in production)

Ingrid Skovgaard

Danish/Norwegian artist, curator and cultural manager.

Works mainly with video art, but also with different medias such as sound, installations, photography, printmaking and drawing.

As an artist she has participated in several exhibitions in Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Finland and England. In 2006 her video installation Cross Wide Out was nominated to Prix Möbius Nordica.

She has curated several exhibitions and events in Denmark and Sweden. Since 2007 she has been chairman of Fast Video – the association of Video art in Denmark.

Fast Video

Fast Video is an association for Video Art in Denmark, founded in 1999. With around 100 members, we represent video art expressions and productions in Denmark. Fast Video works as a platform for video art productions as well as an active link and intermediary between our members and national and international contemporary art-networks. Fast Video supplies artists working within these media with production facilities and equipment. Fast Video is, with its production space in Copenhagen, a platform for networking between artists working within the field of video art.

Video Waves from Denmark

The program ”Video Waves from Denmark” presents a selection of 13 different video art works of 13 different artists/artist groups from the significant Danish network of Fast Video.

The selection of works gives an impression of the broad spectrum of styles that exists within the genre of video art. Works from what is defined as more “traditional”, to works that moves within and flirts with the borderlands of other media and expressions such as e.g. dance films, music videos, documentaries, and installation art. Many of the works presents strong aesthetic qualities, though expressed very differently.

As an adjoined special guests program we have the honour of presenting Eva Koch and Jesper Just – two of the most significant and internationally known video artists from Denmark.

1. Jacob Stage: “Bliss”, 3 min,2004

2. Bettina Furstenberg: “Turning Point”, 9:04 min, 2007

3. Elin Kroman: “Breθ”, 0:40 min, 2006

4. Frederik Sřlberg: ”Back with the nerds”, 3min, 2007

5. Ingrid Skovgaard: “Cross Wide Out”, 12 min, 2005

6. Out of Joint: “Greates Hits”, 10 min

7. Elin Bruun-Nystedt: “Elny’s General Education Show” (“Elnys folkeoplysning”), 5:29, 2007

8. Sophie Hjerl: “Silence” 3:08, 2007

9. Johanne Nissen: “Knowing me Knowing You”, 3 min, 20

10. Sidse Carstensen : “Lullaby for finding ways”, 2007, 3:20

11. Annette Finnsdottir and Darren Copeland: “Random Portraits”, 7:30, 2006

12. Jeanette Land Schou: “Re-animated” 1:35, 2007

13. Nina Maria Kleivan:“Periods of Light”, 4:52, 2007

Eva Koch

Eva Koch is one of Denmark’s most significant and interesting video-artists. She exhibits actively in Denmark and around the world. In 2005 she represented Denmark at the Danish pavilion under the 51st  Venice Biennale, Italy.  Eva Koch’s works are often site-specific, installed in such a way as to relate actively to the space around them, and often with an interactive dimension.

Jesper Just

Probably the most significant film and video artist in Denmark today.

He has exhibits at places like Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (DK), Kunsthalle Vienna (Austria), Stedelijk Museum (The Netherlands), Kiasma Museum (Finland) and is represented at places such as: Tate London (UK), ARoS, Aarhus Art Museum (DK), Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y Léon (Spain) Music and drama play pivotal parts in Just’s videos. He employs extremely staged milieux and plots with striking allusions to Hollywood movies, operas, etc.

Kino klub Split

Kino klub Split (Cine Club Split) was founded on March 27, 1952. Activity of its members is publicly recognized as one of the basic points of Croatian non-professional and alternative cinematography. During the five decades of existence, over 300 films has been realized in production of Kino klub Split, and 276 of them on film formats. Today, following the footsteps of the predecessors, a new, fifth generation of authors is being formed. Mastering new video systems, they record in mini DV format, and work in non-linear digital editing,

Associations – ALTERNATIVE FILM/VIDEO 2007 video exhibition

Jelena Spaić and Aleksandra Sekulić have selected the works exhibited in the SCCC Gallery from the installations, interactive media projects and videos applied to the concurse. Selected works make an introduction to the basic idea of this year’s Festival, forming a video ambient/space of intersected possibilities of interpretation.

Jamesdin, Tunnel of love, installation (video and light boxes), 2007, Small gallery of SCCC

Aleksandar Jestrović or Jamesdin was born on April 27, 1972, in Zagreb, SFRY. Graduated in painting on Faculty of visual Arts in Belgrade in 2000, in class of professor Čedomir Vasić. Has not been convicted, not married, served army. Lives and works in Belgrade.

Look back: ALTERNATIVE 1982 – selection of awarded works

This festival was established 25 years ago. We will look back on awarded works at that time, before we see this years selection, which is the best way to compare these two moments in festival history.

LEVITACIJE, Dragan Pešić

VELO MISTO, Branko Krabatić



KRAS 88, grupni projekat, Franci Slak, Hana Preouss, Radovan Čok, Bojan Kastelić i Andrej Morovič

AURA IN AUROVISION, Slobodan Valentinčić

IZGNANSTVO, Ivan Martinac


RWVLON, Slobodan Đorđević

PRESSION, Ljubomir Šimunić

Saša Marković Ganeša i Mićun Ristić, relying on their personal memories and critical texts, hold lectures followed by video illustrations presenting particular phenomena and periods in pop culture and music, all as a part of a series Black market, for past two years organized every month in Academic Film Center.

Jovan Bačkulja i Boško Prostran had a specific research in 2007, in their series Media archeology in Academic Film Center of media fashion and forms form the TV production of SFRY 1980’s. “Excavating” all those archaic, both forgotten and rehabilitated media products (commercials, video clips, TV specials), this program points at the “common media history” of the region.

Antonio G. Lauer (a.k.a. Tomislav Gotovac) – SALT PEANUTS – HOT KLAB OF FRANS, experimental, 60 minutes, AFC 2007

Using his award – residency program, given to him on ALTERNATIVE FILM/VIDEO 2005, Antonio G. Lauer (a.k.a. Tomislav Gotovac) realized this film project using archive materials and his student films made in Academy for theater, film and TV in Belgrade in 1960’s and 1970’s.This unique intersection of individual and general film history received significant acknowledgment by critique after its premiere screening in Belgrade in May 2007. It is only for adults!