Alternative Film/Video Festival 2008 Program

Alternative film/video 2008
December 10-14, 2008
Academic Film Center, “Students’ City” Cultural Center

International festival of new film and video ALTERNATIVE FILM/VIDEO 2008 will take place in Students’ city Cultural center in the period of December 10/14, 2008. International competitive program was selected out of more than 300 applications from all over the world, by the Selection Committee: Danijela Purešević, Athanasia Panagea, Miodrag Milošević i Greg de Cuir.

The theme of the Round table and the special program of the Festival ALTERNATIVE FILM/VIDEO 2008 will be Memory, so we will be dedicated to exploring this idea, including: the new possibilities of archiving new media; digitization; challenges in creating video databases; comprehension of legal regulations in the field of digital arts and film; and technical innovations and institutional collaborative attempts in these areas. Also, two special events will respond to the Memory theme: 50 years of Academic Film Center and +- 40 years: 1968-2008, the latter of which is a recollection of the student movements in 1968, which initiated the establishment of „Students’ City“ Cultural Center and also inspired artists in Belgrade and worldwide to create varied artistic and theoretical achievements.

The Jury of the Festival: Marina Kožul, Martijn Veldhoen i Srđan Keča, will select the films and videos which will be on this year’s list of significant achievements of the festival. Included among the awards will be the possibility to create a new film or video produced by AFC, with living accommodations provided by the Students’ City in Belgrade.