Alternative Film/Video Festival 2013 Awards

Festival of New Film and Video

10th till 14th of December 2013


The Festival Jury Members, comprised of Vassily Bourikas (Greece) and Andrés Denegri (Argentina) have included the following films onto the List of Important Cinematic Works of the Festival (cited in alphabetical order):

Buffalo Death Mask, Mike Hoolboom, Canada
Without apparent effort it shifts from vulnerability to strength, from melancholy to humor and from personal as well as universal suffering to a comforting and soothing celebration of memory. Mike Hoolboom’s film ultimately created a notion that probably does not exist in words. What is the opposite of a scar?

Ellen, Davorin Marc, Slovenia
With the sharpness and wittiness that brings in mind the old Yugoslav Anti-film, and in a very short space of time, Ellen manages to (re)create a concurrent visual system and to benevolently critique it.

Le jour a vaincu la nuit / The Day Has Conquered the Night, Jean-Gabriel Périot, France
An exercise of the portrait that departs from a cliché that is enriched with small and risky formal decisions to achieve, finally, a complex social landscape.

Petite histoire des plateaux abandonnés / Short History of Abandoned Sets, Rä di Martino, Italy
Cinema has many ways of colonizing vulnerable countries and its peoples. And some times it abandons them. Short histories of Forgotten Sets showed us that there is both hope and beauty even in abandonment.

The Residency, Ioannis Savvidis, Germany / Ireland
This work, which belongs to the long tradition of the self-portrait and the diary on video, deployed in a simple and fresh way a universe that expands beyond its own image and makes present the mise en scene, that is to say, the real work of the artist in residence.

Schneesturm / Snowstorm, Julia Weißenberg, Germany
To face the problem of the digital age is a challenge that generally pushes the artist towards the trap of digital image itself. In this case, the digital language is put in perspective from a completely human point of view, portraying the sacrificed and futile attempt of turning flesh the binary code.

The Ivan Kaljević Prize

In a memory of the early departed author of avant-garde and alternative films Ivan Kaljevic the award goes to the film:

M. Tomazo okrvavljena / Bloody M. Tomazo, Krasimir Dobrev, Bulgaria
Attentive costume design combined with raw youtube aesthetics and a penchant for mockery of Balkan soldierly machismo is what earned this ultra short film the Ivan Kaljeviz prize. In the case that you do not know Kaljevic then the prize goes to Kaljevic.

The award given to the selected authors is the right to realize a new film/video produced by the Academic Film Centre (AFC) with full use of all production facilities and technical equipment. The authors will be provided with accommodation and restaurant service within the Students’ City compound for a period of maximum 1 month.