Scratch workshop at Alternative Film/Video Festival 2012

Scratch workshop

Apply for the Scratch workshop of Ivan Ladislav Galeta within the ALTERNATIVE FILM / VIDEO festival at the Student City Cultural Center!

You participate in the creation of an experimental short film. No special qualifications are required. You can bring your own tools, felt-tip pens, scalpels, needles, paper, duct tape and the like. Come on Thursday, December 6 at 4 pm, take a position, determine your space on the 35 mm film strip and feel free to intervene, scratch, glue, paint, just don’t cut the film strip. In the end, we will see this joint creative product on the big screen. Believe me it will be fun!

Send us an e-mail with the title SCRATCH workshop to with your name, surname, year and phone number.

See what it looked like in Zagreb:

“We stretched the film tape on the tables and everyone was given the task to intervene on a part of the tape without cutting it. From here to here is your part, and from here on yours and so on, each meter of tape. The first day twenty meters, the second and the third day twenty meters and so we filled the tape for about five minutes.I note without chopping the tape itself! After that we watched our collective work with great interest a few times on the big screen.And believe me, it was fun.What is the time work itself They would meet like this, they would meet in the afternoon at 4 pm at MM, and there I gave a short introductory lecture every day before work on a short story with anthological examples of world production, after which we worked for two to three hours. restrictions.

So, if you found a space somewhere that would be permanently open, everyone could try their hand at this film “creation”. An individual “casual passerby” does not have to be present for all three days. Anyone can do their meter of film. Someone meter someone three it all depends on the situation. Nothing definite. The tape would be available to anyone at any time with the warning that they should still be a little gentler with it so they can show it technically. I could be on duty at the workshop or someone could replace me while I do some other duties. Everything is open to the current situation. The notice should state that everyone brings some tools; felt-tip pens, scalpels, needles, glass paper, duct tape and the like. I will bring with me a 35-inch reel on which to intervene. If there is a light table, it is not out of the question. If Vassily comes, then he can help us in this film performance with his experience. Perhaps it would be enough to include a link to this Zagreb workshop in the invitation as basic information about what it is about. We should not exaggerate, whoever comes will come, but I believe that there will be those who will be found on the spot, so we will animate them. “